The Advantage of Oven Baked Chicken Tenders


Chicken tenders in the oven can be a great meal to come home to. Many people enjoy making this recipe because it is simple and yet delicious.

The chicken tenders in the oven that one makes at home are generally much healthier than store bought products. And they are certainly better than restaurant chicken tenders, which are most often deep fried first.

Look for recipes that are sensitive to one’s allergies. If a person is allergic to gluten, then use corn flakes and rice flour for battering. There are even vegetarian faux ones that bake like real chicken tenders in the oven and taste just as delicious.

Make sure that if one makes these at home that the person also stocks up on sauces. One of the best parts about this meal is the dipping sauces. People can also make sweet potato fries or potato wedges to put in the oven alongside the tenders.

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