I recently made a trip to Miami to try an innovative weight-loss procedure called Coolsculpting. Miami is a fun city, but unfortunately I cannot claim victory. While a sympathetic friend tells me that my abdomen looks leaner, I personally cannot see much difference at all.
I recognize that I might be a difficult case, due to my C section. Maybe with a second procedure I would see results. So far, though, I am not blown away by my Coolsculpting experience. In case you are considered a trip to Miami, though, here is my experience:


Because I am a mommy blogger, I was given a chance to try out Coolsculpting in a promotional offer. While I am not what you might consider “overweight,” I definitely have had some excess baggage around my belly since my C section. Many women fit that same profile, and are the ideal patients for this procedure.
I was aware of the at-home Coolsculpting products, but decided to make the trip to Miami and experience the real treatment. I prefer to put myself in the hands of experienced doctors, instead of trying to treat myself.


The patented Coolsculpting procedure freezes fat cells, killing them without injuring healthy cells. This makes the procedure preferable to sonic waves, surgery, lasers, and other procedures that destroy healthy tissue. The procedure is not traumatic, and your body removes the fat cells after they die.
I took comfort in the fact that this procedure was developed by Harvard scientists, and has been approved by the FDA. It is non-invasive, so it did not strike me as particularly risky. I was also pleased with the service I received at the Miami facility.


As noted above, though, several weeks after the procedure I still cannot see significant results. I have not experienced any adverse effects, but I also have not lost that stubborn belly fat.
Coolsculpting did not work for me, but could it work for you? You can hop on a plane to Miami and find out. In the meantime, learn more about it at: coolsculpting –

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What are calgary business cards good for?

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Business cards are an excellent way to share information. New professionals find it challenging to discuss their roles in a new setting. An interview or conference will challenge their communication abilities like no other. A calgary business card needs to be succinct and explanatory to a surprising degree. There have been recent developments that improve the way that business cards are composed. New hires are shown the basics of following a plan to orchestrate new business card developments in calgary. Major corporations have even brought design teams in-house to perfect the cards to be shown. Employees are encouraged to talk to the card development team to work with the perfect card.

Choose A Graphic Logo:

Graphic design takes on multiple different forms for customers. Logos are arranged to keep business professionals well connected. Experienced professionals have identified several prominent examples. They may borrow concepts from a new generation of talented artists. Some of the best logos have been introduced as part of a new agreement. Most of these concepts are based around the work of some talented professionals. These graphics have to be coordinated with the vision companies and professionals have for themselves. An introductory meeting may be necessary, but the process is made as painless as possible.printing business card calgary

Introduce Important Details:

Every professional needs their name and credentials on the card. That will help them explain their worth to an interested company following along. The interview actually begins with the applicant showing their business card in calgary. The owner and team will give people a renewed outlook on how details are orchestrated. These details are a popular point of conversation. Applicants need to be prepared to discuss their new worth to company leaders. Several details are introduced for readers who follow these plans.

Contact information must include phone numbers and e-mail addresses. That is a modern method of following new business reports. Details are a popular idea, but these topics are challenging for card manufacturers. Information should be restricted to just the basics for new guests. Several prominent details are listed on a range of select pamphlets.

Place Bulk Orders For Suppliers:

Several card suppliers will ship cards in bulk for buyers. They may be numbered as part of the order form itself. Most shipments will arrive within a specified amount of time. Several bulk orders are shipped as part of a new deal for guests. Several shipments may bring the orders for suppliers that are located elsewhere. Some card distributors will recommend a renewed outlook for new buyers. A card order is sent from destination to destination based on the order form itself.

Pricing guidelines are introduced for new buyers. Bulk orders are typically cheaper and easier to afford as part of new deals. Shipments are sent to distant locations according to mail carrier standards. These calgary business cards are lightweight and may be shipped inside of a parcel. Experienced business card teams are working to simplify the order process itself. Several distinctive order forms are available through the website itself. Card shipments are available for guests who haven’t conducted the order before now.

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Diversity in the Graphic Industry and Print Services

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It is an honor to be able to assist Dr. Twyla Cummings to conduct industry investigations in graph communications. Dr. Cummings is a Senior Associate Dean and Professor and a Graduate Executive Board Advisor for the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology. This new printing study will focus on different cultures and involvement of women in this growing industry. Previously, this study was conducted on a Comparative Study for Women in this communication industry.print in calgary

How inclusive and diverse is this industry? The answer to this question is significant because studies proves that companies with a diverse workforce are more innovative, strategic, and profitable. It is important for these graphic types of businesses to include and glorify different cultures and involvement as the industry continues its structural and technical transformation.

The main intention of this investigation is to acquire some knowledge of the present state of different cultures and involvement in today’s industry. Results of this study will add to a limited amount of investigations conducted on this interesting topic. As a professional in this print industry, your participation in this investigative study will be insightful and very much appreciated.

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