Usher Becomes The New Regional Developmental Officer

The new regional developmental officer for the Royal Yachting Association has been selected and it is none other than the Runswick Bay sailor himself, Sam Usher. Sam was on cloud nine when he got the news and said that he is both ecstatic and excited at the same time on getting this job. Yachting was the sport that actually made him what he is today and he says that he will always be indebted to this. Moreover when he was working in Dubai and Indonesia it was not the work he liked and that is why he is so happy to get this job. In a public interview Sam shared how he started his career as a crew and at that time the only thing he could do was see other people cruising and he could only help them and nothing else. His turning point in his life was when he got the opportunity to run the Laser in the Sailing Club and Runswick Bay Beach. After that he also sailed in other boats and his mother kept a watchful eye on him every time he went sailing. David Staniforth the chairman of Royal Yachting Association was delighted on having Sam as the regional development officer.

The chairman in an interview said that he is very happy with the decision and hopes to see Sam working with the rest of the team pretty soon. He also announced that there will be some developmental changes in due time that would help both the management and also the sailors. He is quite confident about the team he has and is sure that the changes would help them in their future challenges. Sam is also quite confident about the changes and says that he sees it as an opportunity for the members to work together and implement their plans.

Team Australia Ignores Stars

Hamilton Island Yacht Club has challenged the Golden Gate Yacht Club in the upcoming 35th edition of America’s Cup. As a result of which Team Australia was looking for an opportunity to attract the stars of the America’s Cup. However, recently the new CEO of Team Australia, Iain Murray announced that new young talent will be given a chance to participate in the regatta as a part of Team Australia and the team is not anymore interested in getting hold of experienced players who have participated in the 34th edition of America’s Cup.

Glenn Ashby (multihull specialist) and Tom Slingsby (young strategist) are the two Australians who have decided against joining Team Australia. Ashby will be a part of Team New Zealand. On the other hand, Slingsby will remain associated with Team Oracle USA. Most probably, Jimmy Spithill (Australian skipper) is also going to represent Team Oracle and defend the Auld Mug.

Iain Murray seems very happy about his decision of creating a young crew so that Team Australia can make a superb comeback in the upcoming regatta. He thinks that there is no need of spending huge amounts of money on the superstars of America’s Cup. Murray is of the opinion that many youngsters have not got a chance to showcase their talent. Therefore, if Team Australia allows them to be a part of such a prestigious sailing event then with appropriate training these youngsters will obviously do a good job.

Murray is interested in the following sailors: Mat Belcher (Olympic 470 Gold Medalist), Seve Jarvin (18-foot Skiff Specialist), Scott Babbage (Former World Moth Champion) and David Glimour (Peter Glimour’s Son).

Along with making efforts to secure good sailors, Murray is trying to get hold of reliable shore crew and designers. Plus rules of the upcoming regatta are also being negotiated between Team New Zealand and Team Oracle.

Seidenberg Wins His 9th Championship Title

Peter Seidenberg, the 76 year old American who has been a regular at the Laser Masters Champions ever since it was launched in the year 1980 has been able to put a ghost to rest as he defeated his old nemesis Britain’s Keith Wilkins for the very first time, taking home the Radial Great Grand Masters of 2013.

As the sun started to set on the sixth day of the light airs racing, Seidenberg confirmed his victory by coming in second in the Race 10 but he decided to continue since the weather conditions in Mussanah were good in the late afternoon and reached around 10 knots.

Talking to the media after his victory, Seidenberg said that though this was his ninth championship victory, it was particularly sweet because he was finally able to beat Keith Wilkins. He said that he and Wilkins said together in the Grand Masters division but Wilkins always got the better of him. He later moved up to the Great Grand Masters but soon Wilkins joined in as well; the game was over for him so beating Wilkins was like taking his revenge. Seidenberg had undergone a special fitness program so that he would be in top health for the race.

Australia’s Mark Bethwaite took the honors in Standard Great Grand Masters fleet with a spectacular score line of nine out of ten wins.

Greg Adams, also from Australia, was crowned the Standard Grand Master of 2013 following his reign over the fleet throughout the week. In the final race he secured the second position after Britain’s Terry Scutcher but his overall lead over Scutcher was of a resounding nine points.

Ian Jones of Britain was absent from the final day of the race after winning the Radial Apprentice Class on Friday. He enjoyed his day relaxing by the pool as the final races were completed.

Shanghai gets generous for Yachting Days

Amazing news for the Shanghai boating aficionados eagerly waiting to rejoice their Yachting Days down Huangpu River- Shanghai has reportedly got generous with speed knots on the river- enhancing the usual optimum speed of eight knots to 18 for the recent Yachting Day.

Around sixteen yachts participated in the latest Yachting Day in Shanghai on October 22, 2013, sailing across a beautiful stretch from Bund till Xupu Bridge, in between 2 & 4 pm. The Yachting Day even was initially held in the month of September this year & is now considered a much celebrated monthly affair.

As per the reports from Huangpu Dist. Maritime Safety Administration, dates for Yachting Days are to be varied each month to stay in tune with compatible river conditions. The yacht owners interested in participating in Yachting Days would be able to avoid the routine procedures & paperwork, shared one of the officials. The notifications regarding the Yachting Days would be declared by the officials in advance and reservations are allowed.

The boat builders in Shanghai have warmly embraced the initiative, stating that the Yachting Days have provided a more convenient avenue for them to showcase their launches to the prospective customers. “Yachting Day would be able to aid our business hugely”, remarked Ni Dacheng, the manager official from leading Shanghai boating company Yihong Yacht. Yihong had two of its yachts participating in the latest Yachting Day this October, with the prospective clients on board sailing along Huangpu.

The vessels aspiring to participate in the Yachting Days aren’t required to fulfill some of the passengers’ documents that have made it smoother to take up would-be clients out on Huangpu, stressed Ni. “Customers are more prone to purchase if they have yachted in the vessel themselves”, added in the manager official.

The Yachting Day is Shanghai is an endeavor to make the maximum use of Huangpu river resource, contribute to Bund tourism & provide an additional boost to Shanghai yachting scene.

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